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    Web Hosting, Domain and Beyond

    Reliable internet hosting for your work. Best server resources for your WordPress and Company website. Competative price for international domain. Online chatting support. Hosting in world fastest network.

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    Research & Knowledge Software

    Putrahost has the expertise both in desktop solution and web development. We explore the possibility to support research process and knowledge construction in your space. Our research tools will help you to keep your information securely on your computer.

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    Religous for Knowledge

    We developed interactive religous application to support your spiritual needs, as part of our internet community services. We use 'recycle' method by providing solution for your religous text like al-Quran, hadith for Muslim and Bible for our christian friends.

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Hello Guys!

Hello and welcome to Putrahost Network. Putrahost Network offers range of computer product for you. We have the ability to provide you professional application, web-based solution or desktop based solution. We focus our establishment for professional support in your internet needs, help you to do your work faster and systematic. We put our line around knowledge management and business marketing strategy. Our Hosting section, let you have your own website, either using CMS like WordPress or using standard HTML web pages. We also have the domain registration expert to work for you 24/7. We also provide solution for your religious text and knowledge. Here at Putrahost Network, we focus on functions that help you to expend your expertise.

Thank you for your visit, and kindly let us know if you need anything at our page fb.com/putrahost.network.

  • Iman4u.com Islamic interactive website for Muslim especially for al-Quran and Hadith. English Medium.
  • Myliferia.com Health consultancy website based on sharing info and selling health products. Malay Medium.
  • KumpulanDakwah.com Kumpulan Dakwah is an Islamic sharing knowledge website. Malay medium.
  • Al-Quran Search CS v.1.0 Al-Quran Research Tools to search al-Quran in Arabic or your local language. 15 world famouse translations available.
  • Hadith Search CS v.1.0 Hadith Research tools to search over 62000 hadith in single search. Arabic support. English Interface.

Why Putrahost Network


Our hosting technology is the latest version and secured, also our software development based on Visual Studio.


Putrahost Network focus on the really needed functions as our solution and main development concept.

Continous Support

We share our knowledge with our user, prompt support online. So, we are really your partners.


Our volume target marketing gives you a cost advantage. Our hosting and software is most affordable.